When facing a financial struggle, a payday advance can save the day and help you avoid a catastrophe. Given the fact that financial emergencies can arise at any time, sending you off track, it's important to protect your future access to this benefit. Your ability to take advantage of a loan in the future is highly dependent on your efforts to repay your current loan. In many instances, your ability to pay off your loan comes down to basic budgeting. Make sure you are working hard to meet this obligation.

Rely On Public Transportation

There is no way around buying fuel if you drive to work. There also isn't any way for you to control the ever-changing fuel prices. However, there is a way to cut down on how much you spend on fuel. If you're looking to make more room in your budget to pay off your loan, consider taking public transportation.

Compared to the cost of fuel and wear and tear on your vehicle, an individual can save as much as $9,242 a year by taking the bus, rail system or other form of public transportation, which translates into more than $700 a month.

Practice The Envelope Method

Use the envelope method to manage your budget. With the envelope method you place a specific amount of cash in an envelope for a particular use, such as dining out or entertainment. Once the cash in the envelope is gone – so is your ability to spend any money in that area.

This method can help you avoid overspending and stay on target with your budget. This practice won't just help you easily adhere to your loan repayment terms, but it can also help you better manage any expenses you have.

Pack Your Lunch

It might be convenient to get take-out lunch while at work, but this convenience doesn't exactly come cheap. When factoring how much you spend on lunch, don't just look at the daily rate, but think long-term. If you bring your lunch, coffee and other snacks each day to work, you can save as much as $4,200 over the course of a year.

 If you broke this down into a monthly figure, that's $350 a month. This amount of money saved each month can really help you meet your repayment schedule.  

These tips won't just keep your ability to secure another payday loan in good standing, but they can also help you build better savings habits that you can rely on long into the future.