If you are looking for a fast way to get cash to carry you through until payday, it is no big secret that a payday express service is one of the most valuable businesses to have around. These short-term lenders make it possible for you to walk in with a few pieces of information and walk out with the money you need within a few short minutes. You may think that if you don't have a need for a short-term loan, you have no reason to visit a payday express service center. However, these companies often offer far more than just quick cash advance loans. Here are a few of the other services many payday express centers have to offer.

Gold-Buying Services - It is not at all uncommon for payday lenders to offer services that seem not-so-closely related to cash advance loans, such as buying gold. Yet, many of these lenders have a full list of services that cater to those looking for extra cash. If you have scrap gold hanging around, whether it is broken jewelry or gold coins, you may be able to trade it for cash at a local payday express service.

Cash for Gift Cards - Have a gift card with a balance you know will never get used by you? Take your gift card to a local payday loan company and ask about obtaining cash for your gift cards. Some of these companies will purchase gift cards from you for either the same price as the card's value or a little less. It is a much better alternative to trade gift cards in for cash than to hang onto them until they expire and see that money just go to waste.

Tax Filing - When tax season rolls around, make sure you check with a payday express lender about helping you file your taxes. Tax filing is a common service offered by these lenders. Best of all, the tax filing fees are usually competitive or lower than other professionals.

Installment Loans - Some cash advance services offer varying types of loan products besides just the basic payday advance. The installment loan is just one example of extended loan types that they commonly offer, but it is one of the more widely used. Installment loans with a payday express center will get you a loan with smaller installment payments that will be stretched out over a longer period of repayment time.

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